7 Superhero Sibling Rivalries You Won't Believe

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

I don’t think anything comes close to the complex relationships formed between siblings. What starts as a symbiotic arrangement between allies can quickly 180 into a fists an hour later.Few others have the same effect like those with who we shared a womb.

I'm the eldest of four siblings and I’ve had to play referee more times than I can count and even had a scrape or two while growing up. I vividly recall one instance where I charged my younger brother like a prepubescent bull, the guy was literally standing next to wall. One guess how that went.

It always fascinates me how someone you can’t stand one minute, is the same person you can’t imagine leaving your world but such is family, amiright?!

I’ve put together a list of super sibling rivalries that should dwarf most tussles because of their sheer ridiculousness.

1. Sue and Johnny Storm

This brother and sister combo make up fifty percent of the superhero group the Fantastic Four. Fingers crossed for a noteworthy live action film one day.

Throughout the comics, these two constantly compete and flex abilities and skills. This is especially true when savings the world or each other’s derrieres. Johnny tends to be a hot-head while Sue maintains balance within the group.

In the first live action film, Jessica Alba and Chris Evans really sold their bickering siblings bit. Oh and there's Chris Evans clad in nothing but a towel, yes please.

2. Cyclops and Havoc

Scott and Alex Summers, aka Cyclops and Havoc, have a history of being archnemisises or archnemisi. Throughout their Marvel history, the Summers brothers have to come to literal blows.

Luckily in the film version, they tend to be more tight night, leading to a devastated Cyclops when his brother is killed off in Xmen: Apocalypse.

3. Ocean Master and Aquaman

In issue#7 of the Justice League, these two have some super violent disagreements. While Aquaman reps justice and the people, Ocean Master wants a war above sea-level.

Just like James Wan’s film adaptation, this culminates in Ocean Master flooding the US East Coast. Apparently blood isn't thicker than an ocean.

4. The Von Strucker Kids

In the source material the Von Struckers as the twins Andrea and Andreas (they really went for originality with that naming convention), where as in Fox's series the 'Gifted' they’re the siblings Andy and Lauren Von Strucker.

They’re also descendants of the Von Strucker twins. In the show, they're inseparable until Andy temporarily joins the Inner Circle before joining the Mutant Underground towards the end of Season 2.

5. Juggernaut and Professor X

These step brothers are on very different ends of the moral spectrum. Professor X is the visionary, seeking peace between humans and mutants whereas Juggernaut will literally bulldoze anything in his way to get revenge on his step-brother.

6. Starfire and Blackfire

These princesses and sisters' clash came to a head in the New Titan Annual #1 comic, when the two had a showdown on their home-world. Here’s hoping Season 3 of Netflix show the Titans, bring this rivalry to a conclusion.

7. Loki and Thor

Yes, I know the Odinsons have appeared in another article but there's no way I can list rivalries between God-like beings and not mention...these god-like beings.

This classic brawn versus brains grudge match that spans many a comic, has gone on since Loki and Thor were knee high to a baby Groot. In the MCU, their collective arc gave me the best feels when they joined forces to take on their psycho pants sister -- Hela.

That version of Loki was sent to Valhalla by a very angry Thanos.

Did I miss any epic caped siblings? Any articles you'd like to see next? Don't be shy, there a comments section just waiting to be filled.

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