8 Of the Most Heartbreaking Moments in Fantasy Cinema

You’ve visited the cinema or in the case of the older entries on this list, hit play on that Netflix suggestion because the decision fatigue got real.

You’ve been engrossed until this point and then it happens. You’ve reached the scene that had no right to hit you in the feels.

If you’re anything like me, you make sure you keep the weeping lowkey and succeed until the scene goes for the emotional KO. Great, now you’re sitting on the floor doing an ugly cry.

Now sure, this might happen in error. Such as the superhero movie (or two) that I list where it was genuinely unexpected and I simply watched it to entertain my inner kid. But why do some people actively seek out these tear producing flicks?

According to psychologists, those who actively seek out tear-jerkers see the characters within themselves and relate to them. In general ,it’s a great way to reflect on our own mishaps and use these movies as a conduit to get those clogged up emotions out.

I like to think of them as a toilet plunger, wherein our bodies are the gross toilet.

My inability to construct a proper metaphor aside, here are 8 Of the Most Heartbreaking Moments in Fantasy Cinema:

1. Hedwig in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part -1

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a bird person, I’m not anti-bird either, I’m just like meh. There’s a creature with feathers, a brain the size of a peanut and that concludes my fascination with the species.

It was the same with Hedwig in the HP movies, like the other owls, he delivered mail. He struck my emotional cord however in the scene where a death eater fires the death curse at Harry and Hedwig flies in front of it, stopping it from hitting the Chosen One.

May you forever hunt mice in bird heaven Hedwig.

2. Logan in Logan.

I remember watching the first Xmen movie as a kid and being shook to my core that these animated characters now had live action counterparts. If I didn’t share this before, Storm was my favourite among the heroes. She had white hair and controlled the weather, how boss bitch is that?!

But this isn’t about Storm, it’s about her adamantium claw-slashing, rapid healing and foul-mouthed team mate Logan. In 2017 Logan, we no longer see a hero who’s body can no longer support his crusade.

This movie doesn’t hold back on the gore and violence but its spotlight is on the final emotional journey taken by this character. When he fights goons and his young clone in a final battle, we see him reach the point of no return. You clawed your way into my heart Old man Wolverine.

3. Hector in Coco.

Another movie about a heroes quest to right some wrongs, this one had me shedding a tear or two when it was revealed that Hector was actually Miguel’s ancestor.

His name was cleared when it was revealed that the musician didn’t abandon his family like everyone thought but instead his dick of a music partner poisoned him after a disagreement.

4. Artax in the NeverEnding story.

Alright, I wasn't so sure about adding this to this entry because Artax and Atreyu reunite but oh, watching the horse succumb to the Swamp of Sadness. Devastating.

5. Bing Bong in Inside Out

Riley’s journey to understand and navigate her own emotions, already gives this movie the hallmark depth associated with Pixar movies.

Seriously, I could make a list with only pixar movies but this one took no prisoners with my heart. Bing Bong decided to sacrifice himself in order for Riley to leave him behind with her other childhood thing.

Watching him fade into nothingness, nope, I will not do it, I will not tear up. Even writing about it hit an emotional note. Fucking Inside Out!

6. Rufio in Hook.

Rufio starts of as Peter’s opposition when upon his arrival in Neverland. While Peter was away, growing up and adulting, Rufio led the Lost Boys.

Things change of course when it’s soon undeniable that Peter Pan's returned and in a showdown with Captain Hook and his pirates, Rufio get impaled by Hook.

7. John Coffey in the Green Mile

This adaptation of Stephen King’s novel, centres on prison guard Paul watching over in mates on death row.

One of these men is John Coffey, someone with a mental disability and a peculiar supernatural gift. His been falsely accused of murder and Paul has to witness his execution.

The moment that got me was when he asked not to have his face covered during the

execution, because he was afraid of the dark.

8. Tony Stark in Avengers:Endgame

It seemed fitting that the character who launched the MCU should bring it to a close. His arc was one of the biggest reasons this charming, narcissistic play boy found his way into the hearts of marvel fans around the globe.

I mean they built an actual statue of him in Italy. Such was the pop culture impact of this cinematic titan (not unlike the mad Titan he ended up snapping into oblivion, eyoh!)

After he used the gauntlet to dust Thanos and his horde, there was a tearful moment when we watched the Iron Man take his last breath. I blubbered like a baby when it was on the big screen.

Go ahead, share your thoughts below, did I miss anything? What were your experiences with these heart-wrenching moments?

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