Wandavision and How What We Learn About Grief Can Save the World

I’ve got to give it to Marvel, after going big, they’re really heading in a more introspective direction.

Wanda Maximoff was created by Stan Lee and depicted by Jack Kirby. She first appeared in the Xmen comic #4 and started off with the ability to influence probabilities.

Since then she grew to a powerful sorceress capable of altering the very fabric of reality.

Originally born a mutant, this was revised in a 2015 storyline to render her the product of experimentation by a character called the High Evolutionary.

Wanda and her twin brother Pietro Maximoff (aka Quicksilver) were initially founding members of the BrotherHood of mutants before joining the Avengers.

Here she married her android teammate Vision and magically impregnated herself with the twins Wiccan and Speed.

Getting back to MCEU Wanda, while both renditions have been manipulated by groups and individuals alike, the shared difference is that through the various iterations in the comics, Wanda’s loss eventually turned her into a villain whereas the MCEU Wanda evolved into a powerful being for the better. Let’s hope.

My almost mental breakdown

This escalated, I’m still working on my tonal shift so bear with me. Back in 2020, in the space of about 4 weeks, I had to deal with an intense anxiety attack.

To condense it, through a series of events that day, I went from functional to someone who felt utterly disconnected from his objective reality. There’s no other way to put it, I mentally envisioned all ties to my loved ones being severed and withdrew into myself.

A week later the episode where we almost lost my dad and thought I was going to lose my gran happened. Oh yes and the following week we lost a close family friend.

That same week, it was mentioned that my work performance was a concern and the outcome would be less than favourable if it was left unchecked.

For context, all of these events were preceded my little mental break. You’d think this would be it right?! There’s nothing left in the old tank, I’m all out of fight.

What are the tools to help with anxiety? Somehow, through a combination of therapy, spiritual practices like meditation and prayer and the best support system you could ask, I made it through. We know this because..hi..dude wrote this article.

Am I saying I’m basically the Scarlett Witch./ Warlock? Maybe. Would I slay in red?

Obviously, red accentuates my cheek bones.

What I am saying is that grief and events that could cripple us and sometimes do, can also turn is into Avenger-level heroes.

Wanda Maximoff is a prime example of this, I’m speaking mostly of the on-screen version here. She has her childhood obliterated by a bomb, is used by a Nazi organization, her brother is killed in action. Later, she’s forced to kill the person she’s grown to love, has to watch him resurrected, only for him to be killed again.

She's killed, comes back, later..I won’t spoil this for anyone who hasn’t watched Wandavision yet but the fuck are you not a basket case after everything this you've been through?

My own theory as a person who’s had their fair share of life taking a dump on his chest, is that we do break significantly each time but then comes the choice. Its not easy, and it takes every atom of strength we have but the choice is ours. Admit defeat or admit defeat and keep going.

Don that cape and fly off to our next adventure.

Assembling your Avengers.

I’ve met so many people, from different walks of life and different races. I don’t use the word blessed but nothing in our language conjures quite the same feeling.

And this brought with it a different perspective. Perspective because you get to compare someone else's view on the world through their own experiences and upbringing.

This also means I get to decide who I let into my inner circle. And while I know many people, very few really know me. My friends are those who’ve seen the best and worst I have to offer. They’re the ones who’ve seen my wins and cried with me during my losses.

Added to that, these are the people who’ve done nothing but encouraged me to be my best self and called me on my bullshit, like we all need from time to time.

To reiterate what got me through one of the worst times in my life, my grief especially, was my faith and therapy too but a support system is invaluable.

If you have people in your life who fit the criteria I mentioned, hold onto them. That’s your tribe, that’s the folk who’ll support you when you need it the most.

In my tweens I thought I had to put on a brave face and thought I’d have to face my demons alone but this age-thing legitimately brings with it experience. Sure you can face these horrors in your life solo but you shouldn’t have to. Your Avengers are there, now you can make with the assembling and save the world!

I’ll link this article I came across a while ago here but basically, to tie things up I wanted to get back to the effects of grief. Sure, it’s a bit woo woo and the spiritual practices mentioned aren’t a necessity but the discussion about the effects of what grief really is and it’s effects on us make for a good read:

One of the biggest things about this super insightful article was that grief has stages but unlike the Hollywood portrayals it doesn’t follow an exact order. You don’t really go from denial to anger, then bargaining etc. Instead any stage can follow, we all deal in our own way.

Join me next week as I break down why the Falcon and the Winter Soldier actually represent latent homosexuality and how society tells us to keep it under wraps.

Nuh, I’m just trolling.

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