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That Night


KS Paulsen is extremely proud and excited to share their latest work That Night. The project might have taken a while, but this was one story that really needed to be told.


Opening scene

He stood there, his hands bloody, trembling, and close to tears. Not inches away from him laid the body of his latest victim. Then he heard the corpse empty its bowels. The subsequent stench compounded the situation. He dropped the murder weapon that he was clinging to and made a run for the lavatory, needing to evacuate his stomach. He stared into the mirror as beads of sweat now decorated his forehead. Somehow his pale complexion made his copper hair and accompanying freckles that more pronounced. 

How did it get to this point? He’d never been an upstanding pillar of society, but he wasn’t a bad person. This was one of those grisly murders you saw trending on social media sites or splashed across the front pages. It was always someone else that it happened to while you shrugged in a gesture of mostly nonchalant sympathy. Michael looked at the reflection behind him, and the face that stared back gave the devilish grin he’d fallen in love with. The grin that changed reality as he knew it.